Family Page
Summer 1999

Teddy tired out from too much mischief

We got Ted this easel after he "decorated" every vertical surface
in his playroom with crayon.

 Too tired even to eat...
In Oradell house, in the upstairs shower too small to stand up in 

Teddy in the Oradell House

Saying goodbye to the Oradell House before sale...

Aunt Emi came from Osaka to visit us in June.  Teddy is clowning around.

Emi and Christine.

Uncle Saburo came with Aunt Emi from Osaka.

Christine going out for a spin.  The backseat seems to be the only place where the
kids will ever go to sleep together!

Christine cooling off in the backyard.

Cousin Monica and Christine

Cousin Monica, Grandpa and Christine

Ted, Grandpa and Chistine

Bathtime for Christine and Teddy