Fall 1999

One of Ted's last times in the high chair.  He chose to celebrate by putting the bowl on his head while our attentions
were elsewhere.  (Sept 1999)

Dad and Ted having a rest.

Friend Daisy Tyler and Ted at the Tyler's house (Nov 1999)

Ted, Dad and Grand-dad (Sept 1999)

Ted likes Spot
Ted and Grandpa at a wedding
Grandpa and Kitty
Ted cruising the hotel

Ted at the keyboard.  At a friend's wedding.  (Sept 1999)

Ted at Monica Moser's Birthday Party in Cliffside Park, right across from
Mnnhattan (Sept 1999)
Ted and Cousin Katie Cacouris (Sept 1999)
Kids at the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Walk, Liberty State Park (Sept 1999)
Mom at JDF Walk

JDF Walk at PaineWebber Tent


Grandpa gave Ted this flashlight which remains a treasured posession

While the kitchen is being demolished, the dining room becomes the nerve center of the house

At the Wyckoff Wildlife Center, Wyckoff NJ (Sept 1999)


Here's the plan.  Push these 2 kids for 3 1/2 miles every day.  By the time they are 17 and 18, weighing in at a combined 300 lbs,
                                                  we'll be in pretty good shape! (a 60 degree day in December 1999)

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