January/February 2000
A New Millennium with Teddy and Kitty

Kitty is a healthy eater
She is also among the messiest babies alive as of this writing

At Anna Prisco's 1st birthday party

With good friend Trevor Sheridan

At the Supermarket, being bribed with Goldfish.

In the playroom


Like Admiral Byrd, discovering his sandbox in the snow

Hanging out behind the shed

Shed in backyard.

Goin' Fishin'

A new doll for Kitty

An increasingly-rare moment of peace.

That's how all that Graffiti got there!

Artists at work...

...and the work of an artists.  Title: 'NOEMAN. Artist: Theodore Shinozuka. Date: Feb 26, 2000.  Medium: Magnadoodle.

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