Some miscellaneous Autumn 2001 photographs...

Mom and Greta coming in from an errand, through a clump of foliage. (75 Lux)

Kitty watching Baby Greta getting a bath (Noct)

Kitty surrounded by Barbie spoils shortly after her 3rd birthday. Not a "Lux" photo at all, but on the same roll of film. The lens had just came back from repair in Wetzlar. I think it's working again. (28 Elmarit)

Halloween at the nursury school. My kids are the ones behind the batmen: the Astronaut and the Cat. On the right, as Dracula, is their neighbor Edward. (75 Lux)

(35 Lux ASPH)

Film: Fuji Reala 100
Camera: Leica M6 0.72 Classic

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