Noctilux Images
every image on this page was
taken by the Leica Noctilux 50mm at

The following 4 images were taken on Long Beach Island NJ  on July 12-14, M6 0.85 with 50/1.0 wide open, #29 filter,
exposure either 1/500-1/1000, Ilford Delta 100 (Xtol  1:1, 11.5min)  It was late afternoon, certainly no want of light.
But I thought it would be fun to see what the Noct would do in daylight.

Here, as in other images, apparently getting a horizontal horizon and focusing with the shallow depth of field
simultaneously was beyond my capabilities.  Note that only my daughter Kitty is in focus, Ted is not.  I like the effect on
the background.

Kitty taking a walk with her friend Dan.  Strong reflections of sunlight on the left and interesting blurring effect of the
tree on shore.

Partially clouded sun in both images.  The Noct handled what I consider challenging conditions pretty well.

The next few images were taken at the end of a test roll I was making, which explains why I was using TechPan (Technidol powder, 15min)
I found TechPan hard to scan for pictorial purposes because of the high contrast.  I really had to manipulate those curves to even get these,
which are not great!  We were at my brother-in-law's house.

These were direct sunlight, I also used a #29 red filter.  These don't look distinctively Noctilux, probably because they
don't feature backgrounds extending perpendicular to the plan of focus.  They look more like short telephoto shots.


Finally, two images I shot at the end of a different roll of testing.  Delta 100 (Xtol 1:1,11.5 min) again.  I shot these in the evening after work in my backyard.
It was dark enough that I didn't use a filter, and exposed at 1/60th or so.  The image on the left has the sun at the upper center of the frame.

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